Banished for an hour

Yesterday I finally finished a small job I've being meaning to do for the last couple of months, which meant I could make a copy/no-transfer version of our Z&A Palm Tree available (in the main store and on PrimBay, because we just use CasperVend for copy/no-transfer editions of the display devices). To make it available I had to head over to our backup location and stuff the box in the CasperVend dropbox. Which meant using a couple of TPs from my allowance. Which were my last two TPs.

So, obviously, as is the rule now, I had to pick a random punishment to get a top-up when Miss Vila arrived. This time it was to be banished (as in be locked in a bane suit). This is one of Miss Vila's favourite things (you might recall I spent a bit of time in it about a year ago, while working away on the new Z&A device scripts).

Much to my Mistress' annoyance, however, the time picked by the Punishment Picker was just one hour. That said, it was an hour where pretty much everything was denied.

So, without edit or anything like it, all I could do was wander the region for that hour while constantly ensuring that I proved to the helmet that I was still at my keyboard (it asks a question every so often that you have to answer -- failure to answer adds time to the helmet's timer). Of course, there's a trade here too. Going for a wander means I was using my walk allowance... Sure, I could have just stood still for an hour, but where's the fun in that? ;)

Besides, the environment imposed by the helmet is kind of neat:

It's hard to resist walking around and seeing the region in a different light.

As of the time of writing I'm free of the helmet but not, it seems, free of the latex catsuit. Unknown to me Miss Vila seems to have used my Submission HUD to deny any change of clothing. I'm curious to find out if that was on purpose or not, and what the purpose is.

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