That escalated quickly

Since the new rules came into effect it seems that my blog has turned into a constant diary of restrictions. Now, in part, that's down to the fact that I'm generally busy with a longish-term development for Z&A and there's not much else to write about but, also, it's down to the fact that the new rules really do seem to catch me out a lot and... well, the results do deserve being documented.

A little earlier today Miss Vila and I were contemplating some possible changes to Raven Park. It was a nice relaxed time together, pondering possible builds, terraforming changes, building and furniture purchases, general feel and style, that sort of thing. I even took a picture of us working on it and was going to add it to the blog:

Part of this did involve TPing to a couple of places to look at some options, and we'd also done a little bit of clothes shopping yesterday (in which Miss Vila got a new coat and a couple of other things, and I found a new rigged mesh top that actually fit, which was a bit exciting), which meant that I somehow managed to use up almost all of my TP allowance that I'd been given late on Sunday night. (there was the incident where Mistress force-TPd me within a sim we were on, when I could have just walked it, using up yet another TP from my allowance -- it's almost like she did it on purpose!)

When I mentioned that I only had the one TP left, as she was about to head for bed, she had no hesitation in dragging me into the office so I could select my "payment".

The first touch of the Punishment Picker resulted in something that wasn't really practical to do so she suggested I touch it again (I should have stopped at this point and found some way of doing it -- the time involved was 26 minutes). The next touch got me a punishment of being denied clothing for 2 days and the need to pick another punishment. The next touch told me that I should be denied clothing for 1 day and to pick another 2 punishments! Two more touches got me a gag for (I think it was) an hour, 56 minutes in a cell, and being denied any form of touch for 6 hours (yes, one of them got me two punishments in one).

That last one was huge. Six hours with no ability to touch anything in-world means not being able to edit too, etc. I had some plans for working on things this evening so this would have meant being in-world with no chance of getting about or working on anything the whole evening. I asked nicely, I begged, I tried to bargain, but there was no way I could get Miss Vila to give in.

So, this is me now, stuck in the house, unable to touch a thing (I was given the choice of being locked inside the house, or outside), and denied clothing of any sort until at least Friday. Mistress was at least kind enough to open the doors to the other rooms downstairs so I had more space to roam.

I was kind of shocked at how things got rather tricky rather fast. Especially the fact that I was facing a whole night in-world with no ability to work on anything.

Until, that is, as she said her goodnight, she pointed out that she'd locked me such that touch was denied for 6 hours of real life time rather than Second Life time. That's to say, touch was denied for 6 hours starting that moment no matter if I was logged in or not. It wasn't 6 hours of logged-in time.

My Mistress is so good to me. :)

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