Ongoing costs

Sometimes, just sometimes, I regret the ideas that pop into my head and turn into builds (and by "regret" I obviously mean in a good way, but don't let on whatever you do...). Two such builds that seemed like a really fun idea at the time - the Punishment Picker and the Sub-Allowance - are now coming back to bite me in combination with each other.

With Miss Vila's help, of course.

I've been wearing Sub-Allowance 24/7 ever since it was released as a product. While there's been times when some allowances haven't been tracked (walk and TPs during the Femdom Hunt, for example) Miss Vila has generally kept me on an allowance for all the things it tracks. And, when I've got low, I've had to explain where they've gone and then the allowance has been topped up. No actual consequence other than accounting for my use.

Until late on last week, of course. Now it seems that Miss Vila really likes the idea of there being a cost to getting more allowance. Yesterday I finally got low on my TP allowance thanks to a) a shopping trip or two with Miss Vila and b) flitting between CasperVend dropboxes (which I have on two different regions) while moving some of Z&A's freebies over to CasperVend (in anticipation of us "opening" a store on PrimBay in parallel to the Second Life marketplace). So, of course, when Miss Vila turned up I asked her if I might get a top up for TPs.

At which point she marched me into her office, leant against her desk and rezzed out a Punishment Picker. I was told that I'd got off too easy last time and that, from now on, allowance would only be awarded once the Punishment Picker had been touched. Knowing that I'd be needing those TPs soon I did as I was told. Which resulted in...

That's right. Gagged and blindfolded. To be precise the punishment that got picked was a gag for 3 hours (in-world time) and the blindfold for 2 hours (again, in-world time). For good measure Miss Vila also cuffed my hands so that I wouldn't be "able to mess with the gag and blindfold":

It's also worth noting that the "wear nothing but a chastity belt for 3 days" punishment is going on way past the 3 days (I think that might have something to do with Miss Vila's annoyance at me picking that one first given that that's almost a reward -- and there's a tale there about my feelings about and attitude to (near-) nudity of my avatar that I should write about at some point).

So, right now, I'm pretty heavily restricted again. The gag means I can only incoherently mumble in local chat, and all outgoing IMs are denied (I still receive incoming IMs). Also, the blindfold isn't just for show. What the photos above don't show, but the one below taken such that it shows HUDs too does show, is that my view of the world really is blindfolded:

I should be thankful that Miss Vila only put it on the lowest setting -- it could have been a lot worse. Even then the HUD makes it almost impossible for me to touch the world around me. If you look carefully you might be able to see a small hole in the blindfold in the middle of the screen. Only though that can I touch any object.

I see quite a lot of this in my future. Miss Vila has made it very clear that this will now be a regular thing. Allowance will be paid for by accepting whatever the Punishment Picker dishes out. Another interesting thing is that, right now, the one she's using contains the default list of punishments (which I wrote myself when I first made the product so, of course, it's sort of tailored to my likes and kinks). She's said that she intends to write her own list.


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