I lasted almost two days

After "serving" the last set of allowance-payment punishments I lasted almost two days without any restraints or restrictions. In that time I made a point of getting most of my shopping done for this weekend's dance:

And then, last night, I almost blew it. As well as TPing around a couple of places with Miss to sort some things out I decided to release the Z&A HUD Locker, which meant that I had to TP to our backup CasperVend drop boxes so it'd be in our CasperVend system and on PrimBay.

This left me with a grand total of 1 teleport on my allowance.

Today I was helping Miss Vila shop for her outfit for the dance. Unsurprisingly that involved a bit of teleporting so that single TP got used up pretty quickly. So, long story short, I went from running about in lots of Doctor Who glory to...

The helmet is locked for an hour to deny maps -- not that great a problem given I wasn't planning on going anywhere (Mistress still hasn't got around to rewriting the punishment list in the punishment picker so some of the punishments are still a little.... doable). The mittens (from Sunshine Technologies) are, however, locked for two hours and are denying any in-world touch at all. That means I can't open a door or call a transport pad. I am actually now locked in the house for the next couple of hours, only allowed in the rooms that have an open door.

Okay, I could teleport up to the workshop but that'd mean that a) I'd be using a teleport from my teleport allowance and b) lack of touch would make it hard for me to do anything useful up there anyway.

This new setup gets more and more interesting and that's just with the default punishment list...

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