Finishing off the queue

After a weekend of not seeing Miss Vila I caught up with her last night and she decided it was time to work through the rest of the queue. She decided that it'd make sense that I do the next two punishments ("Wear the outfit of your dom(me)s choice for 3 days" and "Wear an isolation helmet for 2 hours.") together. First she decided that being stuck naked was exactly her idea of an outfit of her choice (much to my relief -- that could have gone any number of ways, I think I got off lightly there). Next she had a look at each of the isolation hoods I have.

She settled on a very firm favourite of hers, the MD gasmask. So, for the next couple of hours, I'm walking around like this:

(and, of course, once it's unlocked, I'm still left without access to any clothing for three days).

Thing is, Mistress didn't forget the isolation part of it. The mask has controllable apertures on the eyes that can be opened or closed. So, of course, she had to use that:

The result of which is that my world looks like this at the moment:

It's hard to convey just how awkward that makes things. I'd say it's worse than being blindfolded by the scarf blindfold that I had on last week. With that HUD the central part of the screen, the place you're heading for, is totally obscured. Every movement has to be worked out by turning my head (so to speak) and figure out where I want to go before lining up again and going for it. There's a lot of bumping into things going on.

Even more interesting is the fact that the two bits of vision it does give me are towards the outer edges of the screen, which means they are distorted a little by the way the field of view works. It's a fascinating and amazingly frustrating effect.

I'm thankful it's only for a couple of hours.


  1. The outfit is cruel in this weather =)

    (I hope you didn't end up with many bruises in your legs. I know I would have bumped on every single corner of the place. At least four times.)

    1. Thankfully it's perma-late-spring-come-early-summer on Raven Park. ;)

      And, yeah, if I had the ability to actually wear anything on any clothing later I'd be adding bruises to me legs about now. :D