Another top-up day

Today I needed two things from Miss Vila. The first was some help testing a little tweak I made to the Z&A Submission HUD (which, all being well, will be released as a full product later this week). The second was a top-up for teleports in the Allowance HUD. The recently created rule that I have to pick a punishment from the Punishment Picker still stands so that had to happen again.

Only, this time, Mistress decided that I had to pick two punishments. The first was because she needed to turn off TP tracking in the allowance HUD for the duration of the testing (which involved lots of TPing) and the second was in payment for my actual top-up.

Worried about what the outcome would be I touched the book on her desk and got "Be staked out naked for 50 minutes". Miss groaned her usual "I can't believe he's got off that lightly" groan while I laughed a bit. Sure, 50 minutes stuck with no build/edit rights and the like is a bit of a punishment, but doable. I then had to pick the second punishment. This time I got.... "Be staked out naked for 44 minutes". The groan and the laugh were louder than before.

Miss Vila had the last laugh though. There was I thinking she'd stick me out in the garden of the house as she has done in the past, or perhaps in one of the more secluded parts of the region. Nope. With a rather worrying mention of "well, it didn't say where you had to be staked out..." she leashed me and dragged me over to the Z&A main store. Memories of a previous time came flooding back.

Sure enough, Mistress rezzed out a device and staked me out between the shop's landing point and main entrance. I did try suggesting that the two punishments should be concurrent but she wasn't having any of that. She locked me, set the timer, said goodnight and headed off home. Leaving me to wait and see if anyone landed at the shop.

I'm up and about again now. But I just noticed that I'm going to need a top-up for walk in the next day or so... O_o

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