Caught out

One thing that's a constant source of amusement for Miss Vila is the times when I get caught out by something that I made (along with settings and situations of her design, of course). Last night was a good example.

These days I'm wearing the Z&A Submission HUD (which was the sub's gift from Z&A for The Femdom Hunt, and which should be available as a Z&A product pretty soon) and one of the features of it is a curfew system. One of the things I built into the curfew controls is the ability to make curfew not apply if the dominant is nearby, with "nearby" being a range of distances ranging from 5m (stay really close, or else) up to 500m (so pretty much anywhere on the same region, within reason). Miss Vila likes to set it to 10m.

The 10m setting is normally fine as, if I'm in with her past my curfew, I'm normally leashed anyway. Apart from last night. When I'm hobbled as I am at the moment she tends to prefer to leave me to get around on my own (being pulled by a leash means I move at her walking speed, being unleashed in a hobble means I can only move at the speed that the cuffs allow).

Last night, just after my curfew time arrived, it was time for me to log off and go to (RL) bed, so we headed up to (SL) bed. Miss Vila, of course, got up the stairs at her normal speed. I was a lot slower (especially given that the cuffs I wear -- the Real Restraint Elegance cuffs -- make getting up prims a lot harder) and, before I knew it.... curfew kicked in and I was in the cell. We can't have been much more than 10m apart. There was likely centimetres in it. But, a curfew is a curfew and an exception limit is an exception limit and I was outside it.

So I woke up like this this morning:

Yes, before logging off I did try and plead my case. No, it made no difference whatsoever. Apparently I should have made more effort to keep up.

Yeah, my Mistress does love it when I get caught out by, and caught up in, my own scripts and builds.

Then again so do I. ;)

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