Restricted again

For the past six weeks or so I've generally had a low number of restrictions applied. Because of needing to manage The Femdom Hunt I had unlimited teleporting and walk via my Sub-Allowance, for example. And, aside from five days inside a small box as well as a day stuck on my knees, I've been able to freely come and go.

Until this week. The day after the hunt ended Miss Vila turned on teleport and walk tracking again. Of course, I managed to eat through the teleports in no time. Initially it was my own stupid fault: I'd got used to TPing around the region to get from home to the workshop to the shop to home again, etc, without thinking. When TPs are on an allowance (which is normally "always") I make a point of using the private TP pads we have and I save my TP allowance for the odd visit to other regions.

Miss Vila was understanding enough to top me up again. Which I then managed to almost totally use in a few hours. A couple of uses were while I was shopping with Miss Vila. The rest were used while investigating issues with remote vendors and other scripted objects after this week's rolling restarts.

Not that any such explanation cut much ice with Miss Vila. Using allowance is using allowance. It's that simple.

So, last night, we were in the Raven Park Mansion, adding a couple of extra toys, and she dragged me into the office there and sat on the edge of the desk. She then reminded me that I needed to be more careful with my TP allowance and that she would top me up again on the understanding that a) I be more careful this time and b) I touch the punishment picker that's on the desk and accept whatever it says.

I did and the punishment it gave me was that I had to wear nothing but a chastity belt for three days. Much to my amusement and Miss Vila's annoyance. But, a deal's a deal and so I was stripped and locked into a belt.

Today, however, Miss Vila decided that she'd add a little more to it. So now I'm locked in just the belt but with my legs cuffed together, making me walk slowly and making it hard to get up steps (and also denying fly), and my arms are also cuffed behind my back.

I'm also denied "sit tp" too which means I have to get very close to an object before I can sit on it -- which means that I have to walk right up to the TP pads before I can get on them and get around the region (which also means I'm using up more of my walk allowance *gulp*).

And I've got at least two TPs to do later when I go and pay rent at a mall.

Oh, and did I mention that the three days ends at a point where I won't see Miss Vila in-world for a couple of days, so it looks like this'll stretch out to at least five days?

I think it's fair to say I'm restricted again. ;)

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