Another consequence of testing

What follows isn't the first time there's been a consequence of testing, and I doubt it'll be the last. But this one's the worst yet.

Now that The Femdom Hunt is over and done with for another year we're releasing out gifts as products. The first two were released yesterday and the final one, the Submission HUD, will follow in a week or three (there's some tweaks I want to make before it becomes a full product).

Last night I was toying with some ideas for those tweaks. The code is designed such that I can safely work on a copy while Miss Vila has "her" Sub HUD locked on me, locked to her and only her (with Zardia as an admin for the HUD, obviously). Except, it turns out, in one fairly obscure scenario, which I discovered by accident. And which resulted in me unlocking the HUD that was locked on by her.

A few responses kicked in at that moment, some from the sub side of me and some from the programmer side of me (not that they're actually different sides of me, just aspects of me). Amongst those responses were:
  • Horror at the fact that I'd unlocked something Miss Vila had locked on me.
  • Fascination that I'd managed to unlock something that I shouldn't have been able to unlock.
  • An immediate need to get hold of Miss Vila and let her know what had happened.
  • An immediate need to get hold of Miss Vila and work on making it up to her.
  • A deep sense of curiosity as to what had actually happened and how to fix it.
It should go without saying that locked items staying locked is important to me. If Miss Vila locks me in or on something there's a deep sense of pride involved, for me. It matters to me that she's taken the time, and had the desire, to do that.

Anyway, knowing that I'd be seeing her within the hour I set to work looking over the code involved and getting a fix in place. I found the issue fairly quickly and fixed it. A quick round of testing confirmed that the fix was the right one.

When Miss Vila turned up I explained what had happened and apologised for having unlocked something she'd locked. She obviously understood and appreciated the how and why and that it wasn't a deliberate attempt to escape her control (far from it) but, of course, it was clear that there needed to be consequences for such an error too. First off she helped me quickly double-check the fix. She locked the new copy of the HUD and then I tried to "escape" the same way, and failed to do so -- the fix was all good.

She then spent the next 10 minutes or so setting everything back up in the HUD (home location, curfew times, region access monitoring, renamer, restrictions, etc...). After that she attached my leash and, without a word, marched me out of the house and over to the Raven Park Mansion.

In fact, she marched me into the POD Prison room. At which point it was clear what was going to happen. The current hobble was removed and I was left naked except for my belt (and cuffs and collar, of course) and I was told to wear my POD Prison helmet (the first time in quite a while). Almost without a word Miss Vila then activated a POD, caught me into it and sent me deep below the Mansion to serve a fairly long sentence.

The original sentence was set to four hours. For anyone who doesn't know the POD Prison system it works like this: your sentence is real time, you have to stay logged in to serve it. But, if you log out, the sentence carries on counting down -- but with a consequence. The consequence is that you have to serve parole time outside of the POD and that time is calculated as time offline plus 50% of the original sentence.

I stayed logged in for quite some time as Miss Vila and I chatted about this, and other things, on Skype. Finally it was my bedtime so I needed to log out before the sentence was over. This morning I logged back in so I could get released (the way it releases you is pretty cool -- if you're into RLV and isolation and have never tried a POD Prison I can highly recommend it) and my parole was announced as being 2h20m.

That's 2h20m wandering the region like this:

As the above might hint to as well: the POD system strips you of everything that isn't locked on. This means that it even robbed me of my AO. I'm walking around like a noob right now. That in itself is a pretty harsh punishment. What also makes life even harder is that it's really tricky to interact with the world around you because the whole of the screen is actually filled with a HUD:

Right now there's not a lot I can do given the restrictions that are applied via the POD helmet. Here's how my RLV list looks right now:

That list is even longer than the one from almost a year ago when Miss Vila first came back and locked me down again. No inventory. No IMs. No build or editing. All I can do at the moment is sit around the house:

or do a noob impression in the workshop, longing to tinker with things:

But there's something harsher than any of this. A lot harsher. Recently Miss Vila has been using the renamer module in the Sub HUD to have my name be things like "Vila's boy" or "Vila's brat" when I talk in public chat. Right now (not that I can actually speak at all with the helmet on, but when it comes off again...) it's set to "the brat". That's it. Just "the brat". I miss her name being in there.

All that said, this matters to me. A mistake in code is one thing. Removing a lock my Mistress placed on me is another. The sense of pride I have in being hers means I was horrified at what happened. All of this, all of the above, eases that.

For that I can't thank my Mistress enough.

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