Geeky dancing

Yesterday's dance at VT had the theme of "Geeks, Nerds and Dorks", with the general idea of dressing up in some way influenced by that -- be it dressing as the stereotype or, in most cases, embracing your geeky self and dressing in a way influenced by what you geek out over. This, of course, meant that there was huge scope for cosplay.

Which caused me a problem, because SO MANY OPTIONS!

In the end though an old outfit won out. It's one that's been in my inventory for quite a long time and has only had the one "official" outing before. It's one of my absolute favourites and it's one that's straight out of my favourite TV show and movie:

If you want to see who else wore what at the dance you can find a whole load of photos that I took over on imgur.


  1. You make a fine Mal, Antony. :)

    Another Firefly lover here; sad I missed this event, it sounds like an really fun time. Does VT have a Google calendar or similar with an event line-up?

    1. They have a calendar on their blog at http://velvetthornfemdom.blogspot.com/ although it doesn't normally show the theme. Each week has a different dance set that serves them Friday to Wednesday, with each day's event being a variation on the theme related to the build.

      The actual theme is normally announced on the day.

    2. Also, at some point, we aim to revisit Firefly as a theme for a Raven Park dance. Problem is I keep wanting to build Serenity's cargo hold as the dance venue, and that's a big build I keep failing to start 'cos I want to get it right and it seems overwhelming. ;)

  2. Oh perfect, thank you for that link. Great photos from the dance!

    A Firefly theme would be shiny! :) Sure you'll be able to come up with something awesome.