VT beach dance

Yesterday afternoon VT kicked off their new week's dance theme with a beach dance. That's something I could do. I have beachwear. So beachwear was worn and dancing was done.

(yes, that is a Z&A Lifeguard Chair in the background)

As usual, I took a whole bunch of photos, all of which can be found over on imgur. Also, like with the Weird & Wonderful dance, I did some more experimenting with recording video too. This time I kept the audio in all of them. The main issues I ran into this time was the occasional client-side lag spike (which I'm assuming is when the recorder buffers to disk -- I really must look into some way around that) and also a very odd circular artefact around one avatar that only appeared while I was recording; the moment I stopped recording they rendered just fine again.

Anyway, those issues aside, here's the videos I took (note that these might not be available in some countries, and you might have to click through to view them in most, due to the music).

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