Bad luck with demos

Yesterday, on a whim, I dropped in on Fameshed (I'll never stop reading that as "fame shed"). It's quite a while since I've been there and I've seldom had much luck in getting something suitable for me. But, what the hell, a little trip out.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found a suit that looked rather good, as well as a jacket/shirt combo thing as well. Demos grabbed I headed back to the workshop to try them on.

The suit is... well, the only way I can describe it is damn clever while at the same time utterly useless to me. Here it is without the alphas:

While I'm really liking the whole "full length rigged to avatar" thing (I've always liked when suits and similar things don't come in different parts but come as a single whole) the arms.... just no. If it's not obvious, notice that the arms of the suit are tucked into the pockets, as if the wearer is walking around with their hands in their pockets.

That's actually pretty clever. I have to admit that. I've not seen anything like it anywhere before and I have to give credit for a neat idea. Sadly though it just doesn't work. Not for me anyway.

The main times for me to wear a suit would be to head out to something vaguely formal -- so that's going to be a dance or something similar. Despite the fact that, even as an avatar, I'm a reluctant dancer, I still wouldn't dance with my hands in my pockets. This also stops any chance of wearing any form of attachment on the arms (so no cuffs of any sort) and don't even get me started on how disrespectful any form of kneel pose would look.

This really seems to be a male version of so many female mesh items I've seen of late: look fantastic for static poses that work well for photos (so, I'm guessing, playing to the bloggers) but utterly impractical for normal use.

If the maker ever does a version with the arms rigged to the arms I'll be all over it though.

As for the jacket/shirt thing I picked up... please forgive the gratuitous naked (but man-part-less) crotch shot but I really wish people would make alphas that actually make sense:

Given that there were no pants to go with this, and given that the shirt part was close in to the body so wouldn't mix well with mesh pants, it makes sense that this would be worn with good old "fabric layer" pants. Only, that's not going to happen with that alpha. Not unless I want a very odd hole in me anyway.

So that got dropped into trash too.

Yup. Wasn't my day for demos yesterday.

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