Red dance

Having sorted this week's Z&A release and done all the various little admin tasks that relate to a release, and especially given I already have next week's releases sorted (and even more especially that I'm currently ahead of schedule for an event Z&A is taking part in next month), I decided that it might be nice to kick back in the chair for a couple of hours, have a drink and listen to some good music.

So off to VT's red-themed dance I went.

It gave me a reason to reuse the jacket I got for the Wanda Maximoff outfit I made for last Saturday's Raven Park dance and I also threw on a red-tinted hair I had from quite some time ago (that I got for another Raven Park dance).

As usual, while there, I took a whole bunch of other photos. You can find them in an album over on imgur.

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  1. I had completely forgotten your Leeloo look!