VT weird and wonderful dance

Yesterday afternoon, after sorting this week's Z&A release, I made it to the final dance taking place in the set Miss Eve first put out last Friday. The theme was "Weird and Wonderful" so I decided to use the "weird" part to grab and wear an avatar I've wanted to get for a while:

As always, I took a bunch of photos while I was there.

Also, while at the dance, I had a play with an idea I'd first mentioned to Miss Eve last Friday. Talking about the Alice set I'd said that, really, photos didn't do it justice and wouldn't it be great if there was a way of having a video snapshot of a dance? Because of that I took this opportunity to experiment with that idea. I first took a video that also included the music stream. You can see this over on YouTube. You'll notice I didn't embed it here, the reason is that it includes copyrighted music in the background and, to my surprise and delight, YouTube picked that up, worked out what it was and who the publisher was, checked the rules about using it and set the video up to enforce that (not being allowed to embed on other sites being one such rule).

I then tried a second test, this time with the music stream turned off:

In both cases I'm pretty pleased with how the videos turned out. I can see that the camera movements are going to need more careful planning, and I think I need to practice on trying to get very smooth movements (I'm using flycam mode, moving the camera with a SpaceNavigator). The whole business of YouTube handling the copyright/music problem (even to the extent of offering to remove the soundtrack if it's problematic!) makes things easier and gives less to worry about though.

If I can, in the future, I think I'm going to try and grab a little video snapshot of dances -- it adds a nice extra dimension.

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