VT comics and games dance

Given that The Velvet Thorn's dance themes start on a Friday and carry through to the following Wednesday, generally all variations on a similar theme, and given that things kicked off last Friday in a comic book shop, it seemed pretty obvious that Purple Landar's gig yesterday was also one I'd have to attend (something I'm doing more and more anyway as it's a great way to chill out after putting out the latest Z&A releases).

VT delivered in the form of a "comic or game character" dance. Sold!

So, of course, like last Friday, I struggled through a period of choice paralysis but finally decided that it had to be a game character. And, while my current non-SL obsession is GTA:V, going to a Femdom dressed as Franklin, Trevor or Michael didn't really seem like the best idea (not that anyone at VT would have cared). That and they're all characters that are tricky to portray anyway.

In the end I went with a character inspired by my other absolute favourite game (well, other two absolute favourite games):

It was fairly easy to sort out too. I combined these overalls and t-shirt from FATEPlay with a handful of Portal props that I'd once found on the MP (yes, the cubes and the sentry gun are attachments -- I attached them to my avatar middle so they followed me around but appeared to be stood still and rezzed on the ground while I was dancing). The only downside was that the t-shirt in the FATEPlay outfit didn't come with a texture template so I could throw an Aperture Science logo on it (to be fair, that would be an unusual thing for a creator to do -- but in this case it would have been really handy).

The dance itself was all kinds of fun and, of course, I grabbed a load of photos while I was there.

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