World Goth Fair

It's that time of year again. One of the few events/fairs that I really look forward to. Less because there'll be stuff to buy (while there is lots of stuff to buy, most of it isn't really bloke-oriented) and more because I just love looking around the shops, at what people have made, and at the build itself.

And the build itself is always wonderful to look at.

As it is, I even managed to find a couple of male items that had promising demos so I'll be sure to pop back and pick up the actual items.

Mostly though I just enjoyed the build.

Given that I popped along after yesterday's VT dance it was pretty late when I got there (late local time, that is) and I stayed up far later than I intended, managing to walk around the whole fair (I think).

There's no question that it warrants at least one more long visit just to be sure I've taken it all in.

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