Caught by the clock

As I've mentioned a few times on here before, Mistress uses the Z&A Submission HUD to impose a curfew on me. The idea being that I really, absolutely, without a doubt, must be logged out (or at least very close to my cell) by 2am local time or I'll end up in my cell. I very seldom get caught out by it. In fact, for as long as I can recall, the only time I've been caught out is when I've been up and doing things with Mistress (generally a Raven Park dance) and I've managed to stray too far from her (the curfew system has a "safe if you're near your owner" setting).

However... Last night I was busy working away in the workshop. I'd just finished up a new build, checked the time, and saw that it was getting close to 1am. Perfect. Plenty of time to pack the new build away in my inventory and tidy up the workshop and I'd still be logged out and heading for bed well before curfew. Then.... *poof*

I was in my cell! It took me a few moments to realise what the hell had happened. Then it dawned on me. Last Sunday morning, here in the UK, the clocks went back. Second Life, however, hasn't yet and won't until this Sunday morning. Because curfew is set in the SubHUD in SL time (obviously) it's an hour earlier in my local time for this week.

So the switch from summer time had consequences for me.

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