Dressed for the dance (and a new purchase)

Yesterday was the opening dance for The Femdom Hunt V. Here's the outfits Mistress and I went with:

Yes, I've finally cracked and now own a pair of MD's ballet boots. I've always shied away from them in the past because, in days of old, they heavily used invisiprims (as everything did back then -- no reflection on this particular product) and my experience of making such footwear fit a male form put me off spending the money.

Not now though. Alpha layers make all the difference.

Adjusting the boots was dead easy (and not fraught with any worries of breaking them given they're copy and I could make a backup), as was modifying the in-built AO to add my own standing animations. The stands are far too "girly sub" for Mistress' and my taste so that was a pretty important change. There was no effort involved at all. Rez the main boot, drop in my stand animations, edit the AO notecard and take it back in and wear, forcing a reload of the notecard.

Well worth the money.

So expect to see them turn up in my allowance list at some point.

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