Out of the dress

After a weekend of (mostly) being offline things are more or less back to normal. Mistress and I met up in world for a little bit earlier today to catch up on a few things. She also decided it was time to let me out of the dress and ballet boots (which are just a little way into level 2 -- given how little chance I've had to just walk to train them lately it's going to take a while before they're all done).

Having done that she mentioned that now was a good time to try and knock something off my allowance payment list. It's getting scary long so I do kind of welcome something being knocked off. The big problem though is that most of the things on there would interfere with my ability to deal with hunt business (often with Z&A business too but that's for me to work with and deal with and it's half the "fun"of the restrictions) so Mistress decided to pick one that could work while making my life harder...

For the next 4 days I'm locked in a hogtie and can only slowly shuffle around. While I can touch things and build, if I need, movement will be slow and difficult and any form of "sit TP" (sitting on something more than 1.5m away) is denied. While I do still have my TP allowance holiday (where TPs aren't being tracked by the sub-allowance) to allow me to help deal with hunt business and, so, I can TP around using normal TPs (and double-tap TPs) it's still not going to be easy.

That and I have to be careful how used to TPing I get. The same happened last year and the day after the hunt finished I managed to use up 1/2 of my allowance in an evening due to simple forgetfulness.

So that's me until Friday. Just in time to work on an outfit for this weekend's dance.

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