Back out on the hunt

A little earlier today Mistress and I got back out on the hunt. Although it was Mistress' intention that I carry on being the latex butterfly until we'd finished hunting she changed her mind. The main reason was that, for some reason, the outfit seldom showed for her after many of the TPs yesterday, resulting in me being nothing more than a floating face.

Instead she decided to use up one of the wildcard payments that was say on my allowance list and lock me in a dress and ballet boots for the next 3 days.

So this will be how I'll be doing the hunt with her.

Mistress has also assured me that the boots will, at some point, be added as a specific item to my payment list notecard. This means that, in the mean time, I need to work on training them if I want to be able to walk in any sensible way the next time I'm locked in them (and the time after).

So that'll make the next few days very interesting when it comes to popping out to help people on the hunt, or working on products.

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