Wocketh im the cupboawth

So, I was almost caught up but, as usual, various events got in the way that meant that Miss Vila left me running around "free" for a little longer than she'd hoped. Meanwhile, of course, I needed more allowance so the list started to grow again.

Finally, today, we had a bit of time to ourselves. After a brief chat about Z&A business and recent notices that were worth taking note of...

...followed by a brief trip to a cupcake fair (no, really)...

...it was back home to knock another item off the list. This time it was to spend half an hour in a cage of some sort (yes, I do believe Miss Vila was a little put out by the time having come out so short) along with 4 hours gagged (much more to her taste).

Pondering where to lock me before she went to bed Mistress was reminded that the cupboard under the stairs that I made for her hadn't had a proper trial yet. And, so, I got to say goodnight to her like this:

As you can see, her choice of gag was a pair of hair sticks. They've been locked in place for a while now and, as of the time of writing, there's still an hour to go. Of course, as predicted in my previous blog entry, lots of interesting chat has been taking place in various groups that, had the gag not being stopping me from sending IMs, I would have taken part in.

Oh well, it's let me concentrate on other matters. Chief amongst them being, of course, how wonderful my Mistress is. That, and vendor board texture making and manual writing.

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