Almost caught up

I'm almost caught up with the "payment" for my allowance although, for a couple of different reasons, there's been a pause the last couple of days. Today, however, Mistress rectified that.

Before anything happened, and while I was briefly allowed to wear clothing, we ran a couple of errands and finished off with a trip to Collabor88 to pick up a couple of things we were after.

Once we got back home I was ordered to strip again (I'm denied clothing for 2 days) and then dragged over to the old ruins on the region and locked staked out for almost 40 minutes.

After this there's just these left:

  • Have seeing of names removed for 2 hours.
  • Be caged for 34 minutes and gagged for 4 hours.
  • Be blindfolded and gagged for 3 hours.

Gagged for a total of 7 hours is sort of the worst of that lot. Gagged normally means denied outgoing IMs. On the whole that's not so terrible in that I don't spend most of my in-world time nattering away in IM. Most of the time I'm banging away on scripts or building something. On the rare occasion that I do have lengthy conversations it's with someone who knows and understands that, sometimes, IMs are denied.

No, the problem with being denied IMs because of a gag is that it seems to increase the chances that, in some group chat, someone will be wrong on the Internet and the gag overrides duty calling. ;)

Of course, it could get a lot worse very quickly. I'm going to need a top-up of some of my allowance in the next day or two. At this rate it's possible that the Christmas break has set me up for a year of always being in debt...

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