Leashed for a while

At the moment I'm still fairly badly in debt when it comes to the allowance/payment arrangement with Miss Vila and the past few days have been been busy for Mistress in RL so things have slipped a little further (I did use the time wisely however, finishing off and shipping a new products or two, as well as carrying on working on the new release for next month). Today I got to reduce the list a little further.

Miss Vila decided that it was time to knock off the "punishments" that involved being chained to a public leash post. The total came to just over 2 hours. So, I was ordered to strip and dragged out onto Raven Park...

Miss Vila rezzed (and locked, just in case I got any ideas about moving it) her own leash post and chained me to it on a timer lasting just over 2 hours. That's actually quite a big deal for me. Normally, when I'm in-world, I'm off in my workshop, keeping myself to myself, leaving people on Raven Park to get on with their own thing. Instead, there I was, right next to the landing point...

I did think that I could hide behind the tree, but I'm not sure that worked so well:

In the end though I just sat and worked on the marketplace listings and the blog for the new releases...

As it was, I seemed to have coincided with a quiet time in-world. Nobody landed while I was working away there. Of course, moments after the timer ran out and I headed back home someone landed... :D

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