A trip out

Today, when I met with Miss Vila, we decided we should have a day off from any Z&A or Raven Park business and go out on a little trip. After a quick think about where to Mistress decided that we should have a wander around some art regions that we'd not visited yet. I won't into details, instead I'll let the visuals speak for themselves (but, really, if you ever find yourself logging in and then thinking "I have nothing to do!" just hit the destination guide and look at what's happening in the arts).

So, here's a small gallery of images from our trip out:

As you might imagine, this trip involved quite a lot of walking and a fair number of teleports too. On top of this Mistress "accidentally" teleported me a couple of times when it wasn't really necessary (with much sniggering on the other end of the Skype call). The upshot of this was, by the time we got home, I needed a top up for both my walk and teleport allowance.

Two touches of the punishment picking book later and I was looking at being confined to a sim of my choice (much to Mistress' annoyance; I imagine that if she ever gets around to rewriting the list that one will go) for two hours and being hogtied so I can only shuffle around for three. In the end Miss Vila decided to do the latter right away and keep the former for later on.

There's a downside to this though. The cuffs I always wear for Miss Vila (Real Restraint) don't allow the pose to unlock without them actually unlocking, on the timer, and Miss Vila really doesn't like the cuffs to ever be unlocked (neither do I if I'm honest -- wearing the collar and cuffs for her all the time is important to me too). So she announced that the 3 hours hogtied would be a pretty flexible version of 3 hours and that, rather, I'll (possibly) be permitted to walk again when I next see her. Which will be Sunday evening at the earliest.

I'm in for a long slow weekend.

It also means that, once again, I won't be sleeping in my own bed as I can't get up the stairs like this.

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