A small gift, and a dance

It's almost two years since a very difficult decision was made. It was a decision we both later came to regret and which, a year ago tomorrow, we corrected in the most wonderful way. Unfortunately both of our RLs are a little unpredictable this weekend so I decided to surprise Miss Vila with an early gift. It was a small and completely inadequate way of thanking her for the last year, but it was one she appreciated.

I bought her a cute pair of shoes that work with her recently-purchased Slink feet. Shoes. How could I go wrong? ;)

She seemed to like them very much, and seemed to be delighted by the early surprise. So, after taking some time to pick an outfit to go with them, she attached my leash and walked me over to The Abbey so we could have a quiet dance while we chatted about the past year, and other things.

It was perfect.

Thank you Mistress.

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