Finally caught up!

Yesterday afternoon I finally managed to get caught up with the current list of allowance payments. The last one on the list (actually, second to last, there's one more specific one that Mistress has decided is to be kept for a very particular situation, *gulp*) was to be blindfolded and gagged for 3 hours. Before anything happened though we had a little chat about more plans for next month, working out what to do and make for the gifts for Z&A's birthday bash (yes, if everything goes according to plan there'll be a birthday do with gifts like last year). Actually, I started out by showing her what I'd made as the sub's gift, which got a howl of laughter and "I love it!", which is pretty much the reaction I was going for.

After lots of bouncing around of ideas we also decided the Domme's gift too, which I started work on later on in the day (hence the fact that this allowance diary entry didn't get written last night) and which, a texture or too aside, is now done and working.

So on to allowance payment...

Like the previous day Miss Vila decided to go with the very dark world and information removed approach (so no avatar names, no maps, no hover text, etc). She also decided to use the Z&A Light Bulb gag. Then dragged me up the the bedroom, she changed for bed, and decided that I'd make a wonderful bedside lamp while she had a little read:

Finally, after saying goodnight (well, as well as I could say goodnight with the gag on), I went for a wander around the region. With the darkness settings Miss Vila put in place, and minus the map and useful radar, it's a very spooky experience:

So, the one item on the list that Mistress wants to keep for a special occasion aside, I'm caught up! Right now there's no "punishments" waiting for me. Except, the thing is, after later today, we won't see each other until Sunday evening, and my walk allowance might not last that long....

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