Out on the hunt

As normally happens it's taken us a couple or so days to get out on The Femdom Hunt. The first weekend tends to be pretty busy with keeping on top of things so it makes sense to wait until it's all settled down a little. Today was that day.

Before heading out I asked Miss Vila how she'd like me to dress. "Something that shows off your tattoo but is mature-friendly, possibly latex". So, in other words, something that shows off some of my backside without being totally naked. I had just the latex catsuit too. So, I slip into that and think I'm all ready.

I wasn't. The next thing I knew Miss Vila used one of Z&A's hunt gifts to drop me inside a Bondage Witch Project drag cage:

And it seems this is how I'll be doing the hunt. And not just while we're out on the hunt either. Oh no, I've been left in it!

Hopefully we'll finish the hunt pretty quickly.

I'm not even sure my tattoo is showing so well.

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