Making my own cell

For as long as I've been with Miss Vila, and as long as she's had a house on the grid, I've had "my cell". My cell is the place where I'd be dropped as a punishment for various things, or just for her amusement. My cell is also the place that is set as the "home" location for products such as my Sub-Allowance. My cell has also always been a very particular cell. It's a very attractive Sweet Torments cell (sadly Sweet Torments aren't on the grid any more -- much to Miss Vila's and my disappointment).

Every time we've gone house shopping, or every time Miss Vila has built a house, the ability to position the cell somewhere has been a consideration. Until a couple of days ago. We were sure the cell would fit somehow but the house really grabbed us and we had to have the house. Sadly, after trying, it turns out that the cell wasn't a good fit. Just a little too big to go anywhere without getting in the way.

So we hatched a plan. There's a section of the first floor landing that was going spare, so to speak, so it was decided that I'd build a custom-fit cell. Better still, I'd build it so it was part of the house itself. I just finished the last bit of work on it this evening:

It's scripted with a slightly tweaked copy of the Z&A cell code (the tweak being that the timer is random as Miss Vila prefers that) and built to make maximum use of the surrounding house. I think I pulled it off pretty well. And Miss Vila is very pleased with it.

And the nice thing is that it takes up hardly any room:

All that remains is that I transfer it to Miss Vila so she's the full owner of it and I have no access to the menus (when on the outside -- I can't access them when on the inside even now) and I have a new "home".

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