Finished the hunt

As mentioned yesterday, Miss Vila and I finished The Femdom Hunt today. The final few went pretty smoothly and we got to meet a few interesting people along the way. Of course, as was expected, I was kept in the box right until the end. Here we are in the Bane room at Mo's new shop:

By the time we got home Miss Vila was too tired to even think about starting on unpacking, so that'll be left until tomorrow at the earliest. However, she did let me out of my box so I could have a quick look at one of the gifts I was especially interested in trying on to see how well it fits:

Of course, to see if it fit well it needed to be locked, which Miss Vila did. And she decided that she liked it enough that she wasn't going to unlock it again. And then she decided that she'd lock my ankle cuffs too. So, while I'm free of the box, I'm now locked in a yoke which denies far touch, and locked on my knees which means I can only shuffle about and sit-tp is denied. In other words I have to get very close to anything I want to touch or sit on.

This also now means that it's a lot more effort to get the gifts-given count from our hunt shoes. I'd facepalm if I could. Which I can't.

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