Miss Vila approves

As mentioned yesterday, last night I handed over ownership of the custom-built cell in the new house. Miss Vila then spent a few moments setting up and putting it in trap mode (in other words, the door closes and a random timer starts if I step inside it). I then offered to step inside and be 100% sure that trap and timer were working okay. Miss Vila said I should.

And, as you can see, it worked a treat. The timer (set to a maximum of one hour -- at least that's what she tells me) kicked in just fine and gave me around 40 minutes. So, that test being done, I waited for her to open the door.

And waited. And waited. And...

...Mistress spent the next 40 minutes shopping for bits on the marketplace because she really hates opening a locked cell. Still, she did find something to make the new cell really useful:

Cells. Not just for storing subs.

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