Not even the wrong trousers

For a long time now I've been after a certain style of trousers. Something that's open and laced up both sides, from cuff to waist. Today, while having a rummage around the latest stuff under male apparel on the Second Life marketplace I stumbled on a rigged mesh version of just what I was looking for. Perfect!

Annoyingly, even though the listing said that there was a demo to try, there was no link to a demo version. It seems the idea was that you had to go to the shop and grab the demo in person. Okay, a bit of a faff, but I'm happy to support people's in-world stores (it's not like I'm not a little bit proud of mine after all).

As it was, it was worth the trip. I landed in a pretty neat shop and one of the first things I saw was one of my own products!

I always get a kick when that happens.

It took me ages to find the demo for the product I was after (huge store) and, sadly, when I got the demo home I just couldn't make it fit. Well, I could, but the modifications I had to make to my shape ended up with me not looking very me at all -- I'm happy enough to make mesh-friendly tweaks if they're not outlandish but this product demanded too much. A shame.

A little later Miss Vila turned up and I went to the MP to find the trousers again so I should show them to her. As I did a house popped up in the featured product area. And it looked a little bit us too. Even since we moved onto our current plot (to make way for the expansion of Z&A) we've been meaning to buy a new house. The Woolman Tower has served us well enough but we wanted something more home-like. So we dived in-world and went and had a look.

Looking turned into planning. Planning turned into serious consideration. Serious consideration turned into purchasing. Within no time we were taking our last photos of our (old) home:

and replacing it with the new build:

There's still a fair bit of work to do. Much of the furniture needs replacing and we've still got to decide many of the internal textures but, already, it's feeling like home. It's actually nice to have something a little more conventional again. And Miss Vila is overjoyed at all the windows (she really isn't a fan of walls that don't have lots of windows).

What I really like is that it's really cosy inside:

So, there you have it. That's how a shopping trip for new trousers resulted in me not even buying the wrong trousers.

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