RLV around the house

Ever since Miss Vila and I "consolidated" homes in January this year our house has been mostly RLV-free. Aside from my cell we've had very few RLV-enabled items in the house. This wasn't so much a deliberate policy of being mostly RLV-free (far from it, we're both huge fans of the use of RLV) and more a case of acknowledging the fact that our garden and extended home have tons of RLV goodies.

With the new house we've changed this a little. Again, rather than building a "play room" or a "dungeon" (which, like I say, we have on our doorstep and share with the public) we've taken the approach of using items that make sense and blend in.

For example, in the kitchen there's a blackboard with a shopping list and todo list chalked on it, that also serves the purpose of keeping a subbie out of the way while the kitchen is busy:

and in the bedroom a Z&A Display Sconce serves a similar purpose:

And then there's the cupboard under the stairs:

That was just begging to be RLV-enabled in some way. So, a couple of prims (one to touch and sit on, one outside for the hover-text display when needed)...

...and appropriate animation and our display devices scripts later, with a sprinkle of 100% transparency, and we have an RLV-enabled cupboard:

Because of this I've given myself a little background job: I'm going to look around the house and see if there's any more "homely" builds that would make sense. I think they'd make great products to add to the small range that's on the go that includes the Display Sconce, the Display Board and the Ceiling Fan.

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