Region Restart Notifier (again)

Last year I posted a script that I use to let me know when our region has restarted. It's always proven to be handy, letting me know as soon as possible when it's safe to TP home again. Recently I thought it'd be handy if I had it keep track of a couple of key details and let me know if they've changed in any way. This was prompted by the fact that, one day, our home sim stopped being main channel and became an RC channel (I'm not overly bothered by that, but it seemed like it would be handy to know that such a change has taken place).

So, with that in mind, here's a newer version of that script:

It's also worth noting that I've extended it so that it'll send an email instead of an IM. This has actually turned out to be handy because, if I've run to another region while I wait for a restart, I can miss the IM. On the other hand an email causes an alert on my desktop and on my phone.

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