LeTigre time travel

It doesn't seem to have been a good week for updates to LeTigre sims. The rolling restart came to our sim (which is currently LeTigre) on Wednesday and took the sim out for a touch over an hour. When it came back nothing had changed. The host machine was the same (not unusual) and the server version was also the same (unusual).

And then, yesterday, it was announced that LeTigre was getting another round of restarts (apparently there'd been an issue the day before). So, the restart came and went (although it seemed to take a long time to get round to us), the server software changed, and all appeared good.

Until I woke up this morning.

We have a couple of traffic monitoring systems on sim. One counts traffic in the Z&A shop, the other the traffic at Raven Park. They both report the counts and reset for the next day at midnight SL time. That means, for me, I generally get the emails at 8am local time (daylight saving switching periods aside). This morning I woke up to find that they'd done this at 1am local -- seven hours too early.

When I finally get in-world I see that there does seem to be a problem with time on the sim. Even the clock in my office was wrong:

That was taken at around 01:45 SL time. To further test things I quickly knocked up this script:

and, sure enough, the UTC and "wallclock" times were both the same on my sim but had a 7 hour difference on non-LeTigre sims.

It seems I'm not the only one to notice this, there's now a JIRA for the problem.

So, if you're wandering around SL and your watch is showing wrong, or if your clock at home is wrong, or (I'm guessing) midnight mania type systems are kicking in at odd times -- this'll likely be the reason.

I'm just glad I don't have anything vital that works off the wall time.

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