One year on

A year ago today, for reasons I'm unclear about now, I decided to start this blog. Initially I thought it wouldn't go very far. I didn't think I'd write much. I didn't think I'd still be writing it now. Sure, it's not the most busy blog -- I generally don't say anything unless I have something to say. Neither is it one of those Second Life blogs that reviews anything and everything, or repeats every bit of news about SL no matter how big or small (that's not to say that's a bad thing, I'm an avid subscriber of r/secondlife for a reason).

It is, if anything, an evolution of the plurk account I used to have but no longer bother with. It's a place to post a fun picture, ramble on about a fun thing, or have a little rant now and again. Sometimes it's just to write about a bit of personal news, even if it is rather sad.

It's also become a place where I post small scripts that I find handy and I hope others might also.

I don't know how many people read it, if any at all do (of course the stats say it gets views, but views don't mean there's actual readers) -- it isn't about numbers. But, if you do read this blog on a regular basis, thank you. Thanks for being there. :)

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