Raven Park Henge

A little earlier I was trawling around on the marketplace for cheap/free mesh items, just to see what was kicking about, and I stumbled on this rather nifty mesh Stonehenge:

Given what time of year it is at the moment I've decided to leave it out for the next 24 hours or so. If anyone fancies a quiet place to contemplate the workings of our solar system, their place in the universe, or simply enjoy whatever it is they associate with a henge, please feel free to come over to Raven Park and do so. The henge is rezzed on plot #2 of Raven Park.

Note that it could get taken in early if someone happens to rent the plot. ;-)

PS: Exact alignment for sunrise is left as role play for the reader.

(In case you want one for yourself, you'll find the henge here)

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