Fallout from direct delivery

At Z&A we finished moving all of our products on the marketplace over to direct delivery about a month ago. While the deadline had been extended, we decided to meet the old one anyway so that we were all done (personally, some niggles aside, I rather like direct delivery).

There was, however, an interesting bit of fallout from doing this.

I've been a premium account for quite a long time now and, obviously, because of this, I've always had my 512 tier allowance to do something with. For as long as Z&A has existed we've always made a point of duplicating the magic boxes (first when it was XStreetSL and then when it became the marketplace) so that if one region was down, or was having problems, another one should be able to step in. To do this we've generally had one box out at the main store and one out at the "head office" (also known as "a crappy skybox rezzed over a 512 plot that Antony grabbed cheap somewhere").

Originally this was some scrap of land on Zindra. However, some club or something turned up in the region we were on and often lagged the place badly, or filled the region so we couldn't actually TP in. After that we moved it off Zindra and onto a quiet region on the mainland.

But, now, because there's no magic boxes any more, we don't need a "head office" any more.

The "head office" tended to serve another purpose too. It was somewhere to run to and wait out a rolling restart (waiting for the region restart notifier to do its thing).

So, for no good reason other than the "head office" had no use for hosting magic boxes any more (and so didn't have a use for the skybox any more), I decided it was time to find a nice plot and make an attractive rolling restart retreat.

This is it:

It's high up on the side of a mountain range (apparently the highest point anywhere on mainland isn't too far away) with most of the clutter out of draw distance so the view is mostly empty land and then sea. Which is nice.

So, in future, when Z and I just want to go sit and have a quiet chat, away from the workshop, or we need to wait out a restart, we can go laze by the fire.

The really fun part was building to the prim allowance of a 512 plot. It's easy to forget how fun the challenge is when you've got a whole region to play with elsewhere.

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