VT lucky dance

Yesterday's dance at VT was themed for "lucky" things -- the idea was to wear something lucky. After much pondering and trying on of things, and with a suggestion or two from me too, Mistress selected the outfit she wore the night we agreed we'd dance the next chance we got (dorky story that I won't bore anyone with; simply put we're both a bit shy so things took a while). Then it was my turn and Mistress had it figured out pretty well. She decided that, given that a horseshoe is seen as lucky, four of them must be really lucky. So you can guess how I went dancing (and Mistress insisted on the most blush-inducing version of the outfit too).

Sadly, as the dance is mid-week and fairly late in the evening for us, we had to head off before it finished. When we got home Mistress decided that she was going to keep me in the pony gear, which in turn meant I had to stay outside and sleep in our stables.

So I went to sleep locked on my hay bale bed. And, of course, I woke up this morning in my stable.

Because I've got a couple of ongoing jobs to do around Z&A, and because I'm not allowed in the house like this, I have to walk all the way over to the shop before I can do anything. This is actually one of the very enjoyable aspects of being locked in pony gear: having to go the "long way round" when doing things, all the time remembering I'm doing it because Mistress wishes it.

It's a lovely SL reminder of her while she's not around. <3

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