A new "dress"

Mistress rather likes to see me being "flexible" with my wardrobe and, as anyone who's read my blog for a good amount of time will know, I'm okay with this. Over the past year or two I've increasingly enjoyed extending and expanding my wardrobe choices, experimenting with items that would normally be called "women's clothing". Because of this I'm always on the lookout for something that'll please and delight Mistress while, at the same time, being "me".

I think, this morning, I bought exactly such an item, and it was at a men's event.

We first stumbled on it last night at an event called "Men Only Monthly". Most of the items there weren't really to my taste, but this jacket caught my eye right away. From a company called "Breath", it's a combined jacket and sleeve/glove top that has a jumper underneath that has a bit of a "flair" at the bottom that makes it look like a mini-dress. To please Mistress (and, of course, because I liked it too) I combined it with the Bax Foxy boots (which fit my male shape really well) and a pair of hold-ups. The whole outfit seems to work just right, having a good combination of male and female gothness.

Mistress seemed very delighted with it when I showed her a picture so I've saved it as an outfit and will experiment some more with it.

It comes in 3 different styles; I bought 2 of them. The only difference between them is the texture on the "flair" at the bottom. I skipped one that was white but I did grab a patterned one, thinking it might come in useful some time.

Given how bright the white is on that I think it'll need to be part of a rather different outfit combination.

As a bonus, the gloves that are seen on the jacket are also included as gloves in their own right; I can think of a few uses for them too.

All in all a great find and I'll be having a look at the shop itself for more items that will work for me. I'm glad Mistress pointed me in the direction of the event.

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