VT Chinese rocks party

Yesterday saw VT putting out a new dance venue, this time with an Eastern feel given that it's close the Chinese New Year. The first dance in the new set had no dress code, although Mistress and I felt it made sense to wear something fairly close to the feel and theme of the build. I went with an outfit that was a variation on a theme I wore the last time VT had this sort of dance and Mistress went with something.... very distracting!

I, of course, took plenty of photos of everyone else at the dance and they can be found in an album over on imgur.

I feel I have to include one more photo from after the dance. When we got home we hung out in-world for a little bit, being silly and stuff (as always happens), and this photo happened:

While not as well composed as possible, I think this might actually be my new favourite photo of us; much like a photo I love of us in another world. <3

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