Locked in nylon

I'm sure Mistress won't mind me saying that she has a little bit of a thing for nylon on a male body. It's something she likes to see, something I like to incorporate into my outfits to please her, and something she encourages. Sometimes, just sometimes, her encouragement turns into RLV-fueled enforcement.

Yesterday was one such moment.

While searching the marketplace for something else I stumbled on this bodystocking. Knowing she might like it I showed her and wondered aloud if the shading would look right on a male form. That was when I saw there was a demo so I grabbed it and tried it on. I'm not sure the demo had even fully loaded when she excitedly asked "Have you bought it yet?" followed by a few variations on that theme that suggested that she might, just might, like the look of it.

One swift purchase later I was dressed in it, mixing it with a thong and a pair of Bax boots. I'd just finished getting dressed when she mused "I can't think of a reason why I'm ever going to let you out of that". That's when I realised she'd used my SubHUD to lock down my outfit -- no changing clothing layers, no adding or removing attachments of any sort. I'm now locked, like this, until she decides otherwise.

I have to admit to equal measures of embarrassment and delight at being dressed in a way that pleases Mistress. Possibly a little bit of extra embarrassment over how revealing it is from the back.

Something tells me I might need to explore the shop a little more at some point soon. When I'm even allowed to try on demos anyway...

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