VT best in pink dance

The new round of dances at VT kicked off with Miss Eve's set yesterday afternoon and, unsurprisingly, the theme was influenced by a particular card and dead-flower manufacturers' holiday that's happening this weekend. ;)

The actual theme itself was "Best in Pink". Pink isn't exactly one of my favourite colours so I did suggest to Mistress that, perhaps, I might be allowed to wear a dress that she rather likes. It's black with pink(ish) trim so was sort of on theme. She said she'd permit it (to my surprise). When I got in-world in time for the dance I got to see that she'd created herself an outfit that very much made me an accessory for hers. And she looked amazing. So amazing in fact that she even won the "Best in pink" competition!

A first also happened at this dance. Given I was the one in a big skirt and she had tight pants on it was decided that, for the first time, I should take the pink ball. Much hilarity was had with dances. <3

Mistress and I generally try hard to come up with costumes that are, in some way, coordinated. Sometimes we match like a pair of complete dorks (with total pride in it), other times we do opposites. And, this time, we pull off well-themed couple. I think this might have been my favourite yet.

Of course, my camera wasn't all about us (although those tight pants Mistress was wearing did keep me enthralled); I took plenty of photos of those around us. You can find them all over on imgur.

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