VT silly dance

Yesterday's dance at VT was themed simply as a "silly" dance. The idea being to wear something, anything, a bit silly (the set itself is still the winter set, all ice and snow and heading for Christmas). Thing is, Mistress and I wouldn't be able to spend too long there because I had a date elsewhere that evening, off in RL. No, not being unfaithful to Mistress, just a date with The Force.

Which also explains why we were dressed as we were and why we decided to go along in those outfits, even if I had to leave after just an hour.

Not that I was stupidly excited about the RL date or anything. ;)

Although I was only there a short while I did manage to get a few photos of everyone around us. These can be found over on imgur.

Of course, abandoning Mistress early didn't come without a cost. I logged off last night, locked in my cell, blindfolded:

The blindfold had been applied towards the end of our time at the dance, which made photographing the event all the more challenging given this is how my world looked on my screen:

As for when I get out of this.... there's a timer on the cell but I can't see what it is (I'm denied hovertext by the blindfold) and the blindfold is locked with no timer so it's not coming off until Mistress removes it.

If only I really had some knowledge of the Force...

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