Dark Wishes Christmas dance

Dark Wishes, the BDSM playground and home to Night Wish Toys, had their Christmas dance yesterday afternoon. Talia, the owner, has long been a regular visitor of Raven Park dances. While I've always wished to make a return visit their events are normally on at a very bad time for me. Even this time I had to, sadly, miss the first hour.

But we did make it.

Also, anyone who knows Anna and I will know we often switch it up. While our relationship tends towards her holding the leash, we are both subs by nature and sometimes I take the leash instead. I decided that the visit to Night Wish was to be one such time. Now, while my girl, while she was in charge, had made strong suggestions about what I should wear (that I agreed with), it was me who got to select her outfit.

While I gave her a bit of wiggle room for some of the additions, I was very clear about the main elements. She delivered perfectly, I thought. My sweet girl does love to be "forced" to be revealing and slutty, and she got that.

As I often do at a dance, I also turned my camera on the people around us. You can find all those photos in an imgur album.

Once we got home I decided that my period of dominance should extend past an hour or so dancing, so my love and I had a little chat where I gave her some pretty careful instructions.

All being well, if she's going to behave correctly, there'll be a post on her blog talking about that.

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  1. When you look like that, how could I possibly refuse you anything, Sir?! <3