VT stocking filler dance

The current icy dance floor remains at VT and, I imagine, will last until Christmas at the very least; and so the themes are related to such things too. Yesterday's dance theme was "Stocking Filler" -- the idea being that everyone turn up wearing stockings in some way.

Given that I'd be quite late getting in-world I pulled an outfit together earlier in the day, that was very me, and involved stockings, and Mistress approved too. I thought it was very smart and just right.

By the time I got in-world, ready to head for the dance, Mistress had other plans for me; plans that had involved her getting creative with some lipstick (well, a tattoo layer she'd worked on while waiting for me) and ordering me into a very different outfit.

As someone who actually doesn't like to draw that much attention to himself, and who's at his most happy when he's blending into the background, this was pretty horrifying and the most "exposed" I've ever felt when going out. Mistress on the other hand was loving it, and that's what makes it so worth it for me. So, with no choice, I was leashed and taken dancing...

As usual, I wasn't just perving Mistress and myself, I let my camera roam the dance floor too and took lots of other photos. They can all be found in an album over on imgur.

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  1. I promised I would make you feel utterly owned. ;)

    You looked scorching hot too. I couldn't have been more proud and happy to have you on my leash. <3