Simple security system

I've had this one in my inventory for a while, and it's one I do use to help shepherd nosy people out of the Z&A workshop. I'm not sure why I've not posted it here yet.

As with many of the scripts I've posted on my blog, this was done as an experiment, just to get to know how these things work. There are, of course, some very sophisticated security systems out there; I imagine there's even some really nice free ones too. But I wanted to have a go at writing a simple one myself and what you see below is the result.

To use it, all you need to do is create a prim and drop the script inside. Create a notecard called "Security" and also drop that in the prim. The notecard is what configures the security script. There are two types of setting for the notecard: "Owner=" and "Access=". The owner setting (one per line) lets you set up the list of people who can turn the security system on and off (by touching the prim). The access setting lets you set up the list of people who simply have have access. People who aren't on the owner or access list will be sent home when they come in range of the prim.

You can also set the rage (in meters) with "range=" and the frequency of the scans (in seconds) with "frequency=". Note that only avatars over land you own will be ejected -- this means it's safe to have a range that might extend out of parts of the plot being covered.

Also note that if the land is owned by a group, the object that contains the script will also have to be deeded to the group to work.

Here's an example notecard:

Owner = Antony Fairport
Owner = Zardia Avindar
Access = Zanda Slacker

And here's the script itself:

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