Today I tackled WEB-4587

I've been following WEB-4587 for a while now, but hadn't noticed anything wrong with any of the Z&A listings. Admittedly, we've been rather busy with other things so neither Zardia nor myself had looked at every single one of our MP pages.

We're now slowly migrating from our magic boxes to direct delivery and, as we migrate items, we tweak the listings a little. While doing such a set of tweaks today I noticed that we had acquired some broken listings. At this point I went through and checked every single one. Turns out we had five broken ones. Five of them had the wrong image. Five of them had lost their item associations. One of them had a different category assigned and one of them had become unlisted.

Thankfully we have a copy of every single product vendor image so fixing the images was easy enough (assuming the fix "sticks" -- I'll be keeping a close eye on things). While doing the fix I noticed that, as per some of the comments on WEB-4587, all of the products that had a problem were in the 14xxxxx range of product IDs. However, not every product we had in the 14xxxxx had the problem. Which seemed odd.

But there was something about this collection of products that felt familiar.

Thankfully Z&A has had a blog for quite a while now and we always write about new releases on there. Generally we release products in batches so a group of new products, released on the same day, will get blogged on the same day. I went back to the start of the blog and, just a few entries in, I found this entry. Sure enough, that's the five products that ended up with broken listings. The previous product release looks fine, as does the subsequent set of product release.

So it looks like the problem, for us at least, stems from that day, or a period of time that takes in that day. Remind me again when the XSteetSL to Marketplace migration period was...

It'll be interesting to see if this has fixed it. I'll be keeping an eye on those listings now.

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