Season Lag

A little earlier I was attempting to get over to The Velvet Thorn for a live performance. SL seemed to have other ideas, which was a bit annoying. Generally I'm kind of reclusive, enjoying tinkering with stuff in the Z&A workshop, but after having worked a good few hours today on something I decided I should make the effort to stop being so damn anti-social and actually go do a thing.

Live music sounded like just the thing.

But, like I said, SL seemed to have other plans for me. The first three attempts to get to the venue resulted in either rezzing problems or just a general failure to properly connect to the sim (or something like that -- you know the sort of thing, money turns to ??? in the viewer, parcel details show the last location, profiles don't load, etc...). Finally, with the help of Miss Eve to guide me in (no, really, things were so slow for me she sort of helped talk me to a spot I could safely sit on), I got there. And a bloody good performance it was too.

Miss Eve did comment that it was probably the infamous SL Sunday lag, possibly made worse by more people being online because, in many parts of the world, it's a holiday weekend. That seemed like a reasonable explanation.

Only after the gig, when I got home, did I realise just how bad an impact this Sunday was having on SL. Stood outside my shop was the Easter Bunny, apparently lagging back to Christmas with their costume. ;-)

In case you're wondering, yes, that is one of our bunny hoods. Not sure about the glow though. We don't make them glow.

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