VT satin and lace dance

Yesterday afternoon Mistress and I headed over to VT for the dance with Purple as the DJ. This time the theme was "Satin & Lace". The idea being to dress up in something that included one or both materials. Having done the whole lingerie thing as Toni (and even less as her) it seemed fun to swap back to being Antony and embrace the lace.

And embrace it I did. :)

Mistress also went full-on lacy too with an amazing dress and I think we looked like a great matching couple.

Around this point I made what I thought was an hilarious joke in private chat. To be fair, it did get a giggle from Mistress but, seeing as how it was at her expense, she saw fit to reward my humour with some, erm, public correction. So on went a spreader bar and a Z&A Metal Yoke!

Then Mistress decided that that wasn't enough and she added a branch gag.

Although not visible in the above photos, she also saw fit to add a pair of ball mittens too. I spent the last half hour or so of the dance locked in a state that made dancing appear very.... difficult; on top of this I was also unable to communicate well. I was even denied touch such that I couldn't select dances or even tip Purple! (I actually had to pass my tip to Mistress so she could pay the tip jar for me).

Eventually it was time for us to head home and Mistress said goodbye and announced that she had to lock me up in my cell. She wasn't kidding either.

She was kind enough to remove the gag, and also to check that I had the bare minimum abilities so I could help a customer if necessary (so pretty much the ability to IM and to look at items in my inventory) and then she locked me in my cell.

So this is how I woke up this morning, locked in my cell with pretty much everything (including inventory) restricted until the (invisible) timer runs down.

Even when the timer does run down and I get out there's not much I'm going to be able to do. The spreader bars make walking very difficult and the yoke and mittens are denying all useful forms of touch.

I might think twice before making a joke at Mistress' expense in future.

Might. ;)

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