VT dressed in black party

Yesterday afternoon Mistress and I went to the VT dance with Purple as the DJ, the theme being "Dressed in Black". DRESSED IN BLACK! This is my dance. This is MY theme! I was so excited. Plenty of options to choose from, almost too many to choose from. First choice was if I should go as Antony or Toni. Mistress decided I should go as Toni and then told me that she had already decided what I'd be wearing. *gulp*

She'd decided that I should wear something that she'd strongly hinted I should buy from the Black Fashion Fair a couple of days before. I protested. I requested something different. I might even have begged at one point. Nothing made a difference.

And then Mistress finally blew me away by gifting me something I've being wanting for a while now but just haven't got around to buying.... a pair of Bax Regency Boots! <3

Mistress dressed in something a little more modest; a lovely rubber-effect knee-length dress (which, unfortunately, managed to pick up and reflect some green-tinted light in the dance build so never quite looked black the whole dance).

As usual, while dancing, I allowed my camera to roam and catch images of those dancing around us. You can find those photos in an album over on imgur.

At some point during the dance Mistress appears to have decided that she liked this outfit she chose for me so much that she actually locked me out of being able to change clothing or add/remove attachments. Until I next see her, and more to the point until she decides to unlock clothing, I'm "stuck" like this.

I can think of worse states of dress to be in, I guess. And I imagine it'll make for a nice welcoming sight once Mistress wakes... ;)

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  1. You do look rather lovely! Also, greenish-black is the new black.